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Beerhaüs Kotara hosts beer festival to celebrate partnership with Pirate Life

Monday, 25 November 2019: Beerhaüs Kotara has forged a new partnership with iconic, South Australian craft brewer Pirate Life and to celebrate is throwing a huge beer festival on Saturday, 7 December from 2pm.

The new partnership brings a Pirate Life tap room, or dedicated section of the bar, to the super-charged, beer-centric, social emporium, which boasts 40 beers on tap. For the festival, Pirate Life will take over 20 of those taps, pouring
limited-edition brews, a number of which Beerhaüs has exclusive access to beyond Pirate Life’s own brewery bar.

Festival-goers will have the first taste of a range of Pirate Life, trend-setting, summer-style, sour beers that have launched across the Beerhaüs portfolio. Flavours span acai and passionfruit, cherry, pomegranate, and apple and guava, as well as two dark sours: mulberry and cherry, and boysenberry.

Other limited-editions include Tropical Mid, Tropical Pale, Hort 9909 Pilsner, Vivian Group West Cost IPA and Hort 4337 IPA.

Two nitro beers are also on tap: Iced Coffee Thickshake Nitro – think of a thick, beery, cold-brew milkshake, and Roche Milkshake Nitro, which has the aroma and flavour of the Ferrero nutty-chocolatey treat.

Beerhaüs Kotara will be decked out with flags, beer barrels and skateboards for the festival, which promises to be a
fun-filled day of competitions, games, live art and music.

Beer Festival Schedule:

 2pm-6pm: Live art activation with local artist and illustrator Michael Langenegger drawing guests
–  2pm-6pm: Meet the Brewer sessions with Pirate Life’s Ed Smiles
 4pm-4.30pm: Hot-sauce smothered chicken wing challenge
 4pm-6pm: Happy hour
 5pm-9pm: Live music
 6pm-7pm: Summer Hour, featuring beer, food and cocktail specials

Festival-goers will have the chance to try new American-inspired menu items, including buffalo wings and boneless wings in servings of 10, 20, 50 or 100 pieces, with one of eight accompanying hot sauces: teriyaki, traditional, Texas BBQ, Korean, chipotle, habanero, afterburner, and the hottest sauce of all – face melting. All wings have a choice of six dips: blue cheese, ranch dressing, haus sauce, chipotle mayo, garlic, and honey and mustard.

Beerhaüs BBQ is also new to the menu, featuring slow-cooked, peach wood-smoked BBQ meats such as coffee-spiced beef brisket, spiced pulled pork, smoked pork ribs and pork belly. Meats are served with pretzel rolls, a sauce of choice and haüs pickles. A BBQ pork platter is also available.

Burgers, have also been added to the menu. Chookhaüs showcases secret-spiced chicken breast with habanero hot sauce, cheese, coleslaw, pickles and Texas BBQ sauce; Moohaüs features an Angus beef burger with cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles and secret sauce, Vegehaüs is a celebration of chilli-battered eggplant, chipotle mayo, tomato, onion, lettuce and coriander; and Tropichaüs comprises of pulled pork, grilled pineapple, mixed leaves, ranch dressing and BBQ sauce.

Lighter bites include jalapeno poppers with cream cheese, paprika and parmesan, and crispy pork bao buns.

Four, stein-sized cocktails to share ($25) have made their way onto the summer menu: Chambord Rosé Sangria combines Chambord, rosé wine, pink grapefruit juice, agave nectar and fresh fruits; Lynchburg Lemonade is comprised of Jack Daniel’s, lemon squash, agave nectar and lemon wedges; Kraken Rum punch brings a tropical twist with pineapple juice, orange juice, lime juice mixed with the spiced rum and topped with citrus slices and maraschino cherries; Cape Cooler, a low-alcohol Smirnoff infusion, includes apple juice, passionfruit syrup, cucumber, lime and mint.

The festival will also launch Summer Hour, with food, beer and cocktail specials running between 6pm and 7pm daily. Sour beers and sour cocktails will drop to $7.50, stein-sized cocktails will be available for $20 and, in good zest, a zingy lemon and lime doughnut pretzel ($6) is available only during the special hour.

Rockpool Dining Group Beverage Director Ali Toghani said the Pirate Life partnership gave guests access to a fabulous range of Australian craft beers, many of which could not be found outside of their brewery in Adelaide.

“This is a very unique Pirate Life line-up which is bolstered by Beerhaüs’ hitlist of international beers, all of which pair well with our beer-friendly food,” Mr Toghani said. “Whether it’s our American-inspired BBQ, our big, flavourful burgers, or our chicken wings loaded with various levels of spice, there are numerous beers that complement each mouthful, and Beerhaüs Kotara’s inaugural beer festival is the perfect opportunity to come along, give them a try and enjoy an afternoon of fun.”

More information: Beerhaüs Kotara.
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