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Beerhaüs sips into something cooler for new summer session

Monday, 25 November 2019: Things are heating up at Rockpool Dining Group’s Beerhaüs with the addition of new menu items, sour beers, lush summer cocktails and deals to celebrate summer sessions.

Running from Thursday, 21 November to Tuesday, 31 December 2019, the summer sessions will be held at Beerhaüs Kotara and Barangaroo in New South Wales as well as Beerhaüs Bowen Hills in Brisbane, Queensland.

Pirate Life, the South Australian craft brewery known for making exceptional hop-driven beers, has stepped up the sours and incorporated four unique beers with tangy-twists into the already extensive Beerhaüs roster. Sour additions include: cherry, pomegranate, mulberry and cherry dark sour as well as a combination of passionfruit and acai. Rockpool Dining Group’s Beverage Director Ali Toghani says sour beers are destined to be the drink of summer 2019. “Sour, tart, and funky beers or cocktails have an acidity and earthiness that makes them an ideal pairing for all sorts of intense flavours,” he says. “In particular, dishes and ingredients that are salty, fatty, spicy or acidic pair wonderfully with the unique beers as the sourness cuts these elements of the meal, making them an ideal match for the American BBQ inspired menu of Beerhaüs.”

The cherry sour is deep ruby in the glass, refreshing and clean, slightly acidic with an unmistakably dry finish. Flavours of candied cherry pop amidst hints of lightly kilned pale malt and wheat to create a delicious tartness. Pirate Life’s pomegranate sour is soft pink in colour and projects a palate of tangy pomegranate, soft cranberry and hints of cherry, all rounded out with the taste of sweet wheat malt. The mulberry and cherry dark sour is remarkably complex with nuances of sour berry, sweet soy, dark chocolate and maraschino cherry expressed when swirled from cheek to cheek. The passionfruit and acai sour packs a generous dose of passionfruit pulp and acai berry to create a beer with pucker and a gorgeous rose blush colour.

Pirate Life’s Store Manager Ed Smiles jokes their bar teams has developed RSI from tilting pints towards the sour beer taps. “The sours are not here to complicate things. In fact, they’re so drinkable, tradies, professionals and even fellow brewers have all been seduced by their charm,” he says. “We’re hoping Beerhaüs regulars will follow suit.”

Four stein-sized cocktails to share ($25) have made their way onto the summer menu. The 1litre thirst-quenching Chambord Rosé Sangria combines Chambord, rosé wine, pink grapefruit juice, agave nectar and fresh fruits for a refreshing splash of summer. The bright Lynchburg Lemonade is comprised of Jack Daniel’s, lemon squash, agave nectar and lemon wedges for a tangy kick. The Kraken Rum punch brings a tropical twist with pineapple juice, orange juice, lime juice mixed with the spiced rum and topped with citrus slices and maraschino cherries. Additionally, the Cape Cooler, a low-alcohol Smirnoff infusion mixes cucumber, lime and mint, clear apple juice and passionfruit syrup for a refreshing summer cool-down.

Beerhaüs has also released new menu additions. Jalapeno poppers with cream cheese, paprika and parmesan ($10); crispy pork bao buns with cabbage slaw, sweet BBQ sauce and spring onions ($17) and hummus platter with grilled pita, carrot, cucumber and pickled onions ($17).

Two new burgers have also landed a spot on the Beerhaüs menu in honour of summer. The VegHaüs ($16) is a vegetarian addition that pays homage to the summer heat. Ingredients include: chilli battered eggplant, chipotle mayo, onion, lettuce and coriander. The TropicHaüs celebrates the tropical climate of Miami, with pulled pork, grilled pineapple, mixed leaves, ranch dressing and BBQ sauce.

Summer hour is a key feature of the sessions and will include food, beer and cocktail specials running between 6pm and7pm. Sour beers and sour cocktails will drop to $7.50, the stein-sized cocktails will be available for $20 and, in good zest, a zingy lemon and lime doughnut pretzel ($6) is available only during the special hour. The sour frosting packs a powerful punch with sour lime juice to leave diners puckered out.

A new lunch special has been added, which includes a burger and a 300ml craft beer, cider, soft drink or glass of wine for $20. This offer runs Monday to Thursday from 11am to 4pm.

Those who spend $20 or more at any Beerhaüs restaurant will go in the draw to win an experience for two at the Pirate Life Brewery in Adelaide. Flights, accommodation and tour are all included in the prize. Winners will taste a plethora of excellent beers with 18 constantly rotating on tap. They will also experience Pirate Life Brewery’s 5th birthday celebration in March 2020. The competition runs from Monday, 25 November to Tuesday, 31 December and the winner will be drawn Monday, 3 February.

Beerhaüs: Barangaroo, Bowen Hills & Kotara

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