Sun Herald: All about black-lip abalone

Corey Costelloe is a happy chef. For the first time in more than 12 months, he can list black-lip abalone on the menu at Rockpool Bar & Grill. Read the full article here: Sun Herald.

El Camino Cantina Calling All Nerds margarita

Concrete Playground: The Hottest Ritas

Sip your way through mango, watermelon, passionfruit and grape Nerd-flavoured margaritas. Read the full article here: Concrete Playground.

El Camino Cantina South Bank

Spice News: El Camino Cantina turbocharges Brisbane

Rockpool Dining Group has supercharged the Brisbane South Bank dining precinct and events landscape with its first two-storey, Tex-Mex-inspired El Camino Cantina, which has a focus on live entertainment. Read the full article here: Spice News.

Crispy polenta Fratelli Fresh

News For The Food Lover: Fratelli Fresh Darling Harbour Review

Rockpool Dining Group, who now own and oversee the brand, have decided to celebrate by showcasing some of Fratelli’s favourite dishes that have wowed diners throughout the years. Read the full article here: News For The Food Lover.

El Camino Cantina Margarita

Embrace Brisbane: Free Margarita Time

Feeling thirsty? El Camino Cantina is offering the chance to win Margaritas for a year. Read the full article here: Embrace Brisbane.

El Camino Cantina Retro Ritas

The Weekend Edition: Retro Ritas and Hottest 100 Rita Countdown

Tex-Mex institution El Camino Cantina is taking a trip down memory lane with a Retro Rita series that gives its legendary Margaritas nostalgic, flavoursome twists. The best part? Die-hard fans also have the chance to win Margaritas for a year. Read the full article here: The Weekend Edition.

Rockpool Bar Grill Melbourne 1

CEO Magazine: The top 11 restaurants in Australia for meetings

Venue choice is a crucial factor for any event. The food has to be delicious, as does the beverage list; it also helps if the restaurant has a good ambience – but not too much. Ultimately, the stakes are high when it comes to planning a business lunch. Read the…