Celebrate Starkbier Strong Bier at Bavarian Bier Cafe The Bavarian and Munich Brauhaus

Celebrate Starkbier (Strong Bier) at Bavarian Bier Café, The Bavarian and Munich Brauhaus

Wednesday, 22 March 2017:

Big, strong things are brewing at Bavarian Bier Café, The Bavarian and Munich Brauhaus where a Starkbierzeit (aka Strong Bier Festival) will celebrate the arrival of exclusively imported and locally brewed ‘strong biers’, or Starkbiers, with a series of fun events.

The Strong Bier Festival runs from Wednesday, 29 March to Saturday, 15 April at the Bavarian Bier Café, The Bavarian and Munich Brauhaus across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Bier lovers will find two imported, limited-edition strong biers on tap, which are available exclusively in Australia.

  • Lowenbrau Triumphator (7.5%) is a reddish brown, malt accentuated lager, with a bready, slightly smoky flavour;
  • Hofbrau Maibock (7.2%) is amber in colour and lightly bitter with notes of cherries, plums and caramel

Urban Craft Brewing Co’s own seasonal craft beer, Red Bock (6.5%), will also be available. Red/copper in colour, it’s lighter and drier on the palate but it packs a punch of malty goodness, with moderate sweetness and mild bitter notes.  Prices range from $10 (300ml), to $25 for a stein (1L) of each bier.

No Strong Bier Festival is complete without snacks and hearty food to match, so there will be a complimentary haus-made, salty pretzel with the purchase of every stein of strong bier, and a whole pork knuckle and 300ml strong bier for $35.

Each Friday night (31 March & 7 April), Munich Brauhaus in Sydney and Melbourne will host celebrations in the bar area including:

  • A ceremonial keg tap at 8pm, to launch the night’s festivities;
  • The search for Australia’s strongest man/woman from 8pm, including a Stein Hoist & Hold competition (who can hold a full litre stein for the longest duration); the quintessential strong man/woman challenge of ringing a bell at the top of a tower with the strike of a mallet; as well as the traditional tunes of a live oompah band

The first 100 guests through the door each night will receive a free collector’s Red Bock glass with the purchase of a Red Bock bier.

Starkbier was first brewed in Munich in the mid-1600s by Paulaner monks, who concocted a beer to sustain them through the Lent fast. They called their pick-me-up Flüssiges Brot (liquid bread). The bier was also called, ‘Salvator’ – Latin for saviour, ‘blessed father’s beer’, and ‘the holy oil of St. Francis’.

Today it’s commonly called Starkbier, which refers to the strength and sustenance that the monks obtained from the malt-laden brew. True Starkbier is also characterised by an alcohol content of at least 7.5%, a nutty taste, with flavours of toffee, caramel and cloves, and a creamy butterscotch head.

It’s the colour, along with the maltiness, that gives Starkbier the characteristics of what Bavarians call ‘double bock’ beer.

For more information about the Strong Bier Festival and bookings please, visit Munich Brauhaus, Bavarian Bier Cafe, or The Bavarian.

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