From being a waitress at The Bavarian in 2012, to an Area Manager for The Bavarian brand today, Cara Kellan has tracked a steadfast and impressive rise through the restaurant management ranks, which earns her the well-deserved Rockpool Legend status.

Cara worked in retail for eight years before joining Rockpool Dining Group, and returned to retail in 2014 for 18 months, before realising she missed the hospitality way of life, particularly the enjoyment of “being part of creating people’s experiences and celebrations”.

When Cara returned to hospitality in 2016 she was offered an Assistant Restaurant Manager role at The Bavarian Parramatta. After a year in the role she stepped up to be Acting General Manager at The Bavarian Penrith for about eight months. The experience of managing her own restaurant landed her the role of General Manager for The Bavarian Rouse Hill when it opened.

Cara says heading up a launch team “was an amazing opportunity and experience, a lot of fun and a lot of hard work.” It paid off, and she landed a promotion to become an Area Manager, a role she has been in for almost two years.

Cara says she enjoys the “fire-fighting and problem solving” component of her current role.

“Every day is a new challenge, but I enjoy being challenged with new things each day, it brings a lot of variety to my role.”

In addition, she enjoys taking her team under her wing.

“I’ve always loved training and succession planning, being able to develop and mentor my managers in their roles and see them progress,” she explains.

“Most of the current managers in my venues started as casuals and have moved up through the ranks – some to General Manager positions now, running their own venues – which makes me very proud.”


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