Giulia Treuner, Rockpool Dining Group’s Casual Brand Area Manager for North and East Sydney has been excited to keep Germany close to her despite living so far away.

As a 25-year-old, Giulia left her home of Kronach in Bavaria, Germany to travel around Australia in 2016. Giulia first visited Munich Brauhaus in The Rocks as a customer, lured by the traditional menu and to keep herself from getting home-sick.

Seeking a job, Giulia asked the General Manager, who also spoke German, for a position. She was employed in December 2017 and quickly proved herself a valuable member of the Munich Brauhaus team. Promoted to Assistant Restaurant Manager after only six months, she quickly climbed the ladder to second-in-charge at The Bavarian Chatswood and after eight months since starting with the business, she was made General Manager of the Chatswood restaurant and moved onto the Bavarian manly as the General Manager in December 2018.

Giulia had only intended staying in Australia for six months, but three years later the 28-year-old now has operational and financial responsibility over The Bavarian’s in North and East Sydney. As an Area Manager, Giulia defines sales targets, sets financial goals, and works with the senior department overseeing location managers at the following restaurants: Bavarian Manly, El Camino Cantina Manly, Bavarian Entertainment Quarter, Bavarian Bondi, El Camino Cantina Entertainment Quarter, Bavarian Chatswood and Munich Brauhaus The Rocks.

Giulia’s goals within the company have remained the same since she started: to break records and grow as much as possible career wise within the company. “I have loved the team, the challenges and the connection to Germany. The restaurants truly make me feel like I’m at home,” she says.

Giulia’s Favourites

Favourite item on the menu: Cucumber Salat, it’s so light and zingy and reminds of summer at home.

Favourite Drink: Franziskaner beer. It is so good and easy to drink in a stein.

What do you love about the casual brands? All of the casual restaurants are fun. They don’t take themselves too seriously. There is always something going on, whether it be a national celebration, German holiday, or quite simply a Friday night. The energy is always boisterous and reminds me of home.

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