Petra Kanalosova has been part of Rockpool Dining Group’s Bavarian family for almost 10 years.

The 33-year-old General Manager at The Bavarian Wetherill Park started her career as a waitress at Munich Brauhaus The Rocks in mid-2009.

Petra worked part-time at Munich Brauhaus while studying economics at Kaplan International College, however was so captivated with the Group’s positive social and fast-paced working environment that she decided to apply for a full-time position.

“I completely fell in love with the hospitality industry and in particular the Group’s Bavarian restaurants,” says Petra. “They’re fun, unique and there are so many wonderful people working at each.”

Petra, born and raised in the Czech Republic, moved to Sydney in early 2009 where she discovered her knowledge of European food and drink was a solid asset at Rockpool Dining Group.

“Czech food and beer is very similar to Bavarian,” she says. “So when I saw that the Bavarian restaurants were hiring I thought I could use my understanding of the culture to my advantage.”

Rockpool Dining Group saw potential in its ambitious employee and thanks to its culture of promoting and supporting hard-working individuals with leadership potential, Petra earned several promotions and plum job at The Bondi Bavarian in 2014.

In 2017, Petra relocated to The Bavarian Parramatta before Rockpool Dining Group offered her the opportunity to open their 24th Bavarian restaurant in Australia, at Wetherill Park in November 2018.

Petra is thrilled to be opening her first Bavarian restaurant and to manage a new team.

“The Bavarian at Wetherill Park will make a fantastic addition to western Sydney’s budding restaurant scene, and I am thrilled to be a part of the opening,” she says.

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