Taco Topia El Camino Cantina Michael Gribbin

El Camino Cantina takes tacos to a new level with Taco Topia menu

Tuesday, 9 February 2021: El Camino Cantina is tapping into its creative Tex-Mex credentials with the launch of Taco Topia – a new range of handheld tortilla snacks that are turbocharged with fabulous flavours.

Taco Topia launches on Tuesday, 9 February at El Camino Cantina venues across Sydney and Melbourne, on Wednesday, 10 February across the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast, and on Thursday, 11 February in Brisbane. Created from fresh house-made tortillas daily, the line-up includes:

Fish Tucker
Tempura barramundi, corn, jalapeno, red onion & tomato salsa, habanero mango sauce, coriander

Grilled chorizo, mango & jalapeno salsa, marinated feta, coriander

Dirty Sanchez
BBQ pulled pork, onion, pickles, cabbage slaw, coriander

The Pirate
Jerk chicken, mango & jalapeno salsa, habanero mango sauce, coriander

King Caesar
Grilled chicken, shredded iceberg, bacon crumb, parmesan crisps, Caesar dressing

The Winger
Popcorn chicken, shredded iceberg, pico de gallo, spicy chilli mayo

Philly Mex
Sautéed steak, onion and capsicum, cheddar cheese, habanero tamarind sauce, coriander

El Mac
Ground beef mince, shredded iceberg, cheddar, pickles, onion, special sauce

Slow-cooked BBQ beef brisket, cabbage slaw, coriander

Papa Pastor
Pulled pork, pineapple and jalapeno salsa, green tomatillo salsa, fresh jalapeno, coriander

The Cauli Cartel
Roast cauliflower, guacamole, salsa picante, coriander

Button Up
Crumbed button mushrooms, jalapeno cream cheese, corn, jalapeno, red onion & tomato salsa, coriander

All tacos are $7, or $4 every Taco Tuesday. The TP (Total Package) includes any three tacos for $19. A range of Standard $2 tacos and Cadillac $4 tacos are also available every Taco Tuesday.

El Camino Cantina Food & Beverage Director Molly Haranis said: “Tex-Mex puts a unique twist on Mexican food, and El Camino Cantina puts its own riff on Tex-Mex, so our Taco Topia menu features flavour combinations that you won’t find anywhere else.”

“With a dozen different Taco Topia combinations and an ever-evolving line-up of our legendary Margaritas, it’s a great way to explore our unique take on Tex-Mex cuisine.”

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