Rockpool Dining Group is led by one of the most experienced leadership teams in the industry. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that the Rockpool Dining Group consistently delivers memorable dining experiences. We work to provide a solid and rewarding foundation for our >3000 great employees, building strong partnerships with our key stakeholders and delivering industry-leading results to our shareholders.

CEO Message

We take great pride in being one of Australia’s oldest and most awarded dining groups, consistently providing world-class hospitality since 1976. Many of our restaurants such as Rockpool Bar & Grill, Saké Restaurant & Bar, Munich Brauhaus and Fratelli Fresh have been exceeding customers’ expectations for years. We take great honour and ownership in the history of our company and the incredible hospitality DNA created over several decades of delivering amazing experiences, hospitality and fun. Our goal today is the same as it was more than 40 years ago; to deliver memorable experiences people come back for, and to create a portfolio of exceptional dining brands and venues customers fall in love with.

Today, Rockpool Dining Group is focused on being one of the finest restaurant groups in the world. Each day we raise the bar. Each day we aim to be better than we were the last.

We have over 3000 dedicated employees who work extremely hard from sunrise to sunset and beyond to deliver unforgettable dining experiences to more than 9 million guests per year, across our 16 best-in-class brands and more than 80 venues. While Rockpool Dining Group is now one of the largest and preeminent dining, hospitality and entertainment groups in the world, we remind ourselves each day to think small. Every single meal we serve each customer needs to be great. Every time we get the chance to serve a customer we need to make it special. Each restaurant we own must stand on its own merit. That DNA is in the soul of our company and will always be the mantra we live by here at Rockpool Dining Group.

We believe Rockpool Dining Group will end up being one of the most important companies ever created in Australia and across the global hospitality landscape. Never before has such an amazing group of dining brands lived under one roof. We also know that talk is cheap. We know our goals can only be achieved if we create and operate incredible restaurants where customers feel special and create wonderful memories.

We look forward to welcoming you to our restaurants.

Thomas Pash
Chief Executive Officer

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