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Rockpool payroll reconciliation complete

Sunday, 14 October 2018: Rockpool Dining Group has now undertaken a reconciliation review of annualised salaries for eligible employees during the 2018 financial year. PwC Australia has assisted with this process, and has also been reviewing the Group’s policies and procedures to identify ways to improve the payroll process.

We are now notifying eligible employees of their personal outcomes, and will begin processing payments immediately. We will separately be reaching out to former employees in the coming days.

The total quantum of top up payments to be processed is approximately $1.6 million.

Rockpool Dining Group was formed through the merger of Urban Purveyor Group, Fratelli and Rockpool during 2015 and 2016. The Group employs around 2,400 people and has an annual payroll of approximately $100 million. Like many businesses in the restaurant industry, the Group has had to work hard to replace and modernise legacy systems and procedures and that work continues.

As identified by the industry body, Restaurant & Catering Australia, disparate payroll systems and the complexity of multiple shifts, sites and rosters pose an industry-wide challenge. For our part, it is one that we’re keen to resolve.

The Group continues to make significant progress with the implementation of a number of key initiatives to improve payroll procedures and practices across the business, including:

  • Further investment in IT standardisation across the Group;
  • More rigorous and regular monitoring activity to continue to promote compliance with employment obligations;
  • Standardised policies and procedures across the Group in line with best practice (in consultation with FWO);
  • Strengthened training and communications;
  • Additional senior hires to the human resources function, including the appointment of Jackie Ntatsopoulos as HR Director, to ensure the company is well positioned to support team members; and
  • Reviewing legacy employment instruments and systems with a view to simplifying employment arrangements.

Rockpool will look at performing reconciliations for prior years despite each segment of the Group being under different ownership previously.

The Group remains engaged with its team members and FWO as it progresses these initiatives.


Notes on annualised salaries

Award terms allow for payment of annualised salaries. The salary structure is one that has historically been favoured for providing certainty of income given the seasonal nature of the restaurant industry.

The reconciliation process is required to ensure that award employees who receive an annualised salary are appropriately compensated, taking account of minimum award terms and conditions. Where, following a reconciliation process, an employer assesses that an employee would have received more on award terms, a “top up” payment is made.

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